• The citizens of Skopje are very vulnerable when it comes to green surfaces around the city. Many green areas were damaged because of the new urban plan. Will you offer functional green areas?
  • Green ecology concept is important part of Limak Diamond project. We have planned green landscape on the terraces of our project. The green terraces of the residential towers, which comprise children play grounds, jogging/running paths, recreational areas, with an area of 11,000 m2 will be open to the residents only due to privacy and security.
  • Ordinary people think that this project will block the fresh air coming from mountain Vodno. Also comments that the project will totally close the city, and making it even more chaotic and crowded town.
  • The thesis that the towers of Limak will prevent the flow of air is very wrong. They are designed and will be constructed in such matter that their positions will not affect the free flow of the air at all. Really, this is a problem for Skopje since long time ago, and now there are only attempts to pin the same issues to Limak. Our project is a finalist of prestigious renowned awards, it is designed to bring an urban, modern and contemporary look to this part of the city that has long been deserted.

    The center of Skopje with the construction of Limak Diamond will become an urban whole, as it suits this significant city in these areas. A city with a history, culture and so important for the people who live here.

    Limak complies with the highest building standards. It applies a methodology of work that respects environmental, construction procedures, while at the same time caring for normal urban activities in the immediate vicinity. The building plot is in the very center, and it is for everyone’s insight, which often creates an unpleasant feeling, but the city needs to be developed, urbanized. We hope that things will finish quickly, and at the end we will have a part of Skopje where we will all be proud of.

  • Is it reasonable to build towers in Skopje, considering the fact that the city lies at high risk earthquake area?
  • Precisely because Skopje lies at high risk earthquake area, Macedonia has specified strict obligatory standards that are required during construction of such building towers. Of course, we will stick to them and will fulfill them. We are grateful to the support of the Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology, who with its expertise will follow the construction procedure. Engineering wise, this is a feasible project.

    We expect many civil engineering students to visit the construction yard during the project and will teach them how this construction technique is applied.

  • Will Limak stick to the agreement first to build the underground thoroughfare and then start building above ground?
  • Limak has signed a contract with the City of Skopje with regards to the underground thoroughfare following the award of the tender to Limak. The terms of this contract have not changed and a new contract has not been signed. Limak will meet the obligations set forth in this original contract. As the nature of construction, it is physically not possible to build the offices, mall, car parks and residences without or before building the underground thoroughfare

    According to Limak’s construction schedule, the underground thoroughfare will be the first element of the Limak project to be built on Plot 1.1.

  • How complicated is the construction of the tunnel and the four towers? Which seismic and architectonic standards are going to be implemented, considering the fact that Skopje is a high-risk earthquake area?
  • We are aware of the tragic experiences of Skopje with major earthquakes in the past. The clock on the City of Skopje constantly reminds us about the terrible devastation of the 1963 earthquake. During the design phase of the project, Limak has worked with one the best civil/structural engineering companies of Turkey and also with the Earthquake Institute of Macedonia (IZIIS) to ensure that the seismic, structural and architectonic standards of Macedonia were met to ensure the inhabitants of the Limak project will be safe from major earthquakes in the future.

    Limak will employ an advance technology construction technique for this project. The first item on Limak’s construction schedule is the erection of diaphragm walls around all plots of the project. This diaphragm wall will be more than 17,000 m2 in area, our piles will be more than 15 km in length and both will go down for 16+ meters. The wall will also be insulated to keep the underground water outside of the construction area and the underground elements upon completion of the construction works.

    The underground thoroughfare will be completed in the second quarter of 2020. However, City of Skopje will need to finalize their construction works that need to be completed outside of the Limak plots in order for the underground thoroughfare to be operational.

  • Will the planned towers fit in this part of the center of Skopje?
  • We projected the complex regarding the urban plan, with special concern not to distort the aesthetic and functional space in this part of the center. According to the urban plan of Skopje, towers are planned on these plots.
  • What will be the selling price per square meter in the residential part of the complex?
  • Real estate prices will move within the market value of apartments in the central area of Skopje. That means apartments will be affordable for people who prefer to live in a multifunctional complex in the city center.
  • The future of the Old Railway Station, now Museum of City Skopje, is still not clear. Is it going to be reconstructed as it or is it going to become a part of your project in modern style?
  • The building of the Museum of City of Skopje is outside of our project area. Limak does not have any obligations to reconstruct this building. We expect that this building will be renovated by the Ministry of Culture and the city authorities. Also, we believe that it will be esthetically synergized with the look of our project.
  • How much is the entire investment in this project?
  • Its estimated that Limak will invest up to 250 million euros for the completion of this project.
  • Is it true that prominent political figures have requested baroque style for you complex?
  • Our project’s architect is Mr. Ali Osman Öztürk, is a world-renowned Turkish architect. His artistic design is quite contemporary as can be seen from the pictures. Limak project does not have any baroque style buildings.
  • Do you think your final architectonical style of the complex will be successfully incorporated in the style of this area, considering the fact most of the newly constructed buildings around are in baroque style?
  • Our architectonical style respects the overall look and feel of the city center. The Limak Diamond project will be well incorporated to its location since the adjacent buildings are modern buildings such as City Plaza Office Building and residential blocks designed by Kenzo Tange.
  • When the project will be completed?
  • With over 300,000 m2 construction area, incorporating a number of different use types (ie. tunnel, shopping mall, residential tower’s, offices, hotel and casino) within a city center location, Limak Diamond is a very complex project. Our goal is to ensure that we complete the construction works on time and good planning will ensure us to meet our goals. We will finish a project that Skopje will be proud of!
  • The South Boulevard is the key connection between east and west part of the city. Do you have any solutions for the traffic chaos that will happen during the construction?
  • The officials of the City of Skopje have been preparing for the construction works for some time now and alternate traffic routes have been identified and will be announced to the public shortly. We expect that there will be more than regular traffic in the area due to the construction works but we do not expect the conditions to be chaotic.

    We will be selling apartments and renting retail spaces in the project according to a timeline to be announced. Thus, it’s also imperative for Limak to ensure that the construction works are completed on time. From Limak’s perspective, we will do our best to ensure that the construction timeline is met.

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